How to order

We suggest to order in advance the selected products. Choose your option among the following:
Call +39 02 48950168
 Come in our caffetteria and factory-shop

Home delivery

Delivery charges are:
10€ in the city of Milan;
20€ for neighbouring municipalities (book at least 1 day in advance).
Reservations are not accepted for cakes with preparation time longer then the delivery date required by the customer.

Preparation time

Cakes that require a minimum of four days notice are:
Fiordipesco, Sacher Torte, Cheesecake, Neapolitan Pastiera, vegan cakes, vegetable apple, wedding cakes.

The pastry maker’s suggestions

  • Order in advance to find the chosen cake
  • Don’t buy products that will be eaten on the following day
  • Order a week in advance the products for diabetics or the gluten-free cakes
  • Store the baked cakes at room temperature
  • Store the products with custard and whipped cream in a fridge
  • Store chocolate at room temperature as it suffers both heat and cold
  • Enjoy “Torta Enrico” after warming it in oven at 180 degrees or eat it at room temperature
  • Cut ‘Millefoglie’ with a serrated knife
  • We don’t accept table reservations for bar service